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The internet is a constantly evolving entity, and it’s important to keep abreast of the latest internet trends, developments, and cutting-edge technologies that are applied in terms of using the internet for personal, business, and marketing purposes. This is crucial for you as a business owner, as well as for your chosen digital marketing agency. At Sparx Digital, we understand the importance of remaining at the forefront of current internet trends and evolving with them.

So what is the current state of play when it comes to internet trends in 2019? A great place to start is with the annual report courtesy of Mary Meeker.

Who is Mary Meeker?

Mary Meeker is an American venture capitalist, and she formerly worked as a Wall Street securities analyst. Listed on the Forbes Most Powerful list, she was an internet analyst for Morgan Stanley; she has produced an in-depth report on the State of the Internet annually since 1995. This is an incredibly influential document which reports on where we as a society collectively stand in terms of internet advertising, technology, and consumer behaviour.

Meeker delivered her 2019 Internet Trends Report “The Future of the Internet” on June 11 at Recode’s Code Conference in Arizona. It consisted of 333 slides.

In summary, the report suggests that, as more internet users are coming online, particularly accessing the web with mobile devices, the internet continues to grow. Digital media is on the rise, and current expanding trends include visual communication platforms such as Instagram, digital payment systems, and wearable technology (e.g. smartwatches).

Key Points from the 2019 Internet Trends Report:

Basic Numbers

  • More than half of the world’s human population currently uses the internet; it is, however, becoming more challenging to reach new internet users.
  • 53% of the world’s internet users are located in the Asia-Pacific. China represents the largest internet market worldwide.
  • In the US, the average adult spends almost six and a half hours daily using digital media, the majority of which is mobile-based. 26% of adults in the USA admit to being online “constantly”. This number is almost 40% when applied to those aged between 18-29.


  • More data worldwide is now stored in the cloud; this exceeds that stored on consumer devices and on private servers. The revenue for cloud services for Amazon, Microsoft and Google now stand close to USD $14 billion; this has grown by 58% annually.

Marketing and Revenue

  • In the USA, e-commerce now accounts for 15% of US retail sales. Sales via e-commerce have grown by over 12% in the last twelve months, however, physical retail has only expanded by 2% in the same time period.
  • The vast majority of online advertising revenue is accounted for by Facebook and Google. In terms of growth, however, newer US digital advertising platforms are overtaking these, including Twitter, Amazon, Pinterest and Snapchat.
  • Seven of the top ten companies worldwide are technology-based businesses, and of these, four of the top six are located in the USA.
  • Investment in tech companies (both public and private) was close to USD $200 billion last year alone.
  • Spend for internet adverts was 22% in the past year; those platforms that perform best with ad share achieve this with adverts that are high in relevance, creative, and cleverly targeted.

Australian Statistics

  • In January 2019, 87% of the Australian population were using the internet. 90% of us have access to a smartphone.
  • Australians spend an average 5.5 hours daily using internet services – including 3 hours exclusively viewing internet broadcasts and streaming content.
  • 69% of Australia’s population now uses social media – with Facebook being the most popular platform. Australia has 16 million Facebook users per month. While Instagram use is also building, user rates for Twitter and Snapchat are declining.
  • In Australia, there was a 40% growth in the volume of data downloaded in the last year.


  • Users of wearable technology have doubled since 2014.
  • Consumption of podcasts has doubled since 2013, with 70 million people actively listening to them globally.
  • Digital payments for e-commerce and ride-share are expanding.
  • Instagram and YouTube represent the most time spent on digital platforms, and image-based communications are becoming more popular. 50% of tweet impressions include visual content.
  • Consumers are spending more time viewing mobile screens than any other type of digital screen, including desktop and television.
  • Interactive gaming is evolving rapidly. There are currently 2.4 billion online interactive gamers globally, and multi-player cross-platform games are predicted by Meeker to become the new social networks of the future.

It’s clear that internet trends in 2019 apply to all facets of our daily lives, as individual consumers as well as business entities. To stand out and grow as a business, you need to be appraised of these trends and adopt them as it suits your own business model.

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