30 Day WFH (Work From Home) Challenge - Sparx Digital

Working from home can get a bit lonely so we decided to create this WFH (work from home) Challenge to connect us with our co-workers, loved ones and insta fans (of course).

When working from home you must ensure...

bulk snax good banter banga music

To get involved tag @sparxdigital & use the hashtag #WFHCHALLENGE on your stories & posts!

Day 1

Share pics of your new co-workers

Pets, partners, children, plants or food.

Day 2

Current song or artist obsession?

We know we are all getting sick of the same music now.

Day 3

Fave podcast

Show us what you got.

Day 4

WFH outfit of the day

Pics or it didn’t happen!

Day 5

Online shopping hacks

discount codes or disappear thnx.

Day 6

Fave insta feeds

Cute animals, fave photographers, yummy food.

Day 7

Current WFH lunch hack

What are you waiting to eat as soon as the clock strikes 12?

Day 8

New @ home exercise regime/app

W(out)FH is a bit of a drag, pls share

Day 9

Share your WFH setup

desk goals come at us.

Day 10

Fave radio station

If you’re into a bit of live action who you listening to?

Day 11

Current series


Day 12

Fave business transition

Distilleries making sanitiser, how cool is that?!

Day 13

Gratitude day

What are you grateful for today?

Day 14

Share a picture from your childhood

We’re deep in this WFH life and need a giggle

Day 15

Fun sock day

We all have some funky socks lying around and as the days are getting cooler, pull them out and take a piccy!

Day 16

Fave food delivery service

Did we mention we were getting hungry?

Day 17

Fave new app

Want to join our Houseparty?

Day 18

TikTok of the day

We know you’re on there by now…

Day 19

Best group call app

Join our hangouts…

Day 20

Meme of the day

We know it’s hard to choose…

Day 21

Drink of the day

We froth the broth.

Day 22

Go outside

Even if it’s just for 5 minutes…

Day 23

Drink 3 litres of water

THEN you can have a beer.

Day 24

Support local

Support a local biz today, they need it.Β 

Day 25

Fun shirt day

Hawaii might seem far away right not but that shirt is not.

Day 26

Random act of kindness

Do something nice for someone, find a creative way to do it.

Day 27

Snack of the day

REAAAALLLY hungry now

Day 28

Good news only

Read only good news today and of course share your sources pls.

Day 29

Quote of the day

We all need some words of encouragement sometimes, what’s keeping you going ATM?

Day 30

Recipe challenge

Grocery stores are looking a lil grim… What are you cooking tonight with what’s in the pantry?

Day 31

Pick your fave day of the 30 day challenge

Do it again!


To get involved use the hashtag #WFHCHALLENGE on your stories & posts!

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