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We aim to empower, deliver, innovate and excite.

As your digital marketing agency, it’s our duty to empower your business. To guide you along the fast paced, sometimes crazy path that is business marketing. With so many options, the latest technologies, trends and opportunities can sometimes become overwhelming. We remove the jargon and do the research for you. We get creative, we get strategic – we get the job done.

It doesn’t have to be hard, but it does have to be successful.

It’s our job to help you feel comfortable enough to embrace the world of digital marketing, to keep you at the forefront of success, with you at the helm of the ship and us at the rudder.

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Sparx Digital - Our Team

Our goal is your success. Our team is your team.


Rohan Dwyer - General Manager

Rohan Dwyer

General Manager

Our fearless leader and knower of all things digital, Rohan loves what he does, he loves to succeed and thrives on achieving success for our clients. A strategically minded, business savvy dude, Rohan rolls with a ‘do it once, do it right’ kind of attitude. In his spare time, Rohan gets his kicks on the golf course, checking out wineries or just hanging at the park with his dogs.

Jenna Black - Operations & Strategy Manager

Jenna Black

Operations and Strategy Manager

This former Group Promotions Manager means business and the ship that is Sparx would be a whole lot slower, messier and generally more boring without her care and expertise. If you don’t know the answer to something, ask Jenna. It’s safe to say she’ll get it sorted every.single.time. When she’s not working, Jenna spends her time hiking, diving, fulfilling her passion for food and wine – and saving inspirational quotes to her Pinterest boards.

Austin Ballard - Campaign Manager

Austin Ballard

Digital Campaign Manager
Our quiet, uber talented, handy-man about the office, Austin heads up the design and creation of digital campaigns. He has an abundance of experience in the digital world and puts it to very good use. When he’s not at his desk – immersed in the design of a campaign, he’ll likely be fixing a door, changing a lightbulb or wrangling snakes. He’s full of random facts about obscure topics and if you ask him nicely, he might even show you a magic trick.

Frankie Wagner - Marketing & Strategy Specialist

Frankie Wagner

Marketing Strategist
A quirky yet analytical marketing mind, Frankie is our overall strategy, search & social marketing oracle. With extensive experience in her field she brings invaluable knowledge and a funky, fun, contagious vibe to the Sparx team. In her spare time, you’ll generally find Frankie trekking through the wilderness, building terrariums, rocking out to some blue grass on her mandolin or grooving to in the world’s longest line dance grooving to the Boot Scootin’ Boogie… Yes. That really happened.

Emma Boyle - Website Coordinator

Emma Bowyer

Website Coordinator
A self-proclaimed friendly bogan, Emma is an adventurous soul with a talent for red hot web projects. With 10 years of digital marketing experience and a real passion for making our websites the best looking most effective websites on the block, Emma has a unique way of nailing the brief every time. If you can’t reach her on weekends she’s probably off the grid boating, camping, fishing or climbing a random mountain.

Kelly Eather - Finance

Kelly Eather

Our master of numbers, Kelly is the accounting queen. She has a wealth of finance and communications experience (over 20 years to be exact) and loves all things pink and sparkly. A professional yet fabulously free spirit, when she’s not buried in spreadsheets or helping the team with brain storming sessions, you’ll generally find her dancing in the hallways or rejuvenating crystals in the moonlight.

Brodie Slater - Digital Account Manager

Brodie Slater

Digital Account Manager
Brodie is a Marketing Professional offering extensive experience across both account/project management and strategy. Strong understanding of digital marketing coupled with operational experience which has helped gain a deep and high level overview of customer experience and what it takes to drive sales both on and offline. The Sparx clients and team would be lost without her organisation skills, bubbly attitude and contagious charisma. You’ll generally find Brodie at a trending cafe with her fur child (Lola) in tow, at the beach soaking up some rays or exploring the hinterland.

Jayde Baker - Campaign Manager

Jayde Baker

Campaign Manager
Jayde is an experienced Campaign Manager with a broad history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Integrated and Digital Marketing, Jayde has a history of managing a diverse range of clients across various industries. She brings these mad skills. a positive attitude (and snacks) to the Sparx team. If she’s not finding ways to bring her loveable doggo to work everyday, she perusing the local op shops or seeking out new music and gigs to go to. A heads up, Jayde is also easily bribed with food and/or wine… just sayin’.

Jordie Smyth - Website Design Coordinator

Jordie Smyth

Website Design Coordinator
Being a Gen Y, Jordie lives and breathes the digital space. She brings her years of experience in the digital world to her role as Website Design Coordinator with Sparx. Jordie knows everything about her projects from the smallest detail to complex digital integrations while keeping all parts moving towards their end goals. When she’s not working, Jordie spends her time finding new animals to pat, exploring this beautiful place we live and eating delicious food.

Let our passions for brand building and strategic digital marketing be the fire that lights your business success.