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Having a blog or latest news section on your website is a critical piece of the overall puzzle when it comes to having a successful SEO strategy. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the complex onsite and offsite process that enhances your visibility online – you need to consider SEO as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy in order to build your business and help it thrive. By blogging for your website, and by using SEO best practices to do so, you are adopting a valuable content marketing method that provides the type of content Google and other search engines pay attention to and that will give you the best chance to rank highly in search results.

How Does Consistent Blogging Benefit your SEO Strategy?

Blogging provides dynamic content for your website – but only if you provide a new blog article at least monthly (but fortnightly or weekly is better!). This makes Google and other search engines sit up and take notice of your website. Additionally, when you include focus keywords and phrases in your blog content that you are targeting within your SEO strategy, your reach with search engines is further expanded.

Additionally, an active and regularly updated blog on your website is the perfect way to broadcast and showcase your expertise in your industry and within your niche to your customer base. By sharing your knowledge, you will captivate, engage, and gain the trust of your customers and potential new customer leads.

A well-written blog is also ideal for sharing in marketing email newsletters and on your brand’s social media. This, in turn, impacts positively on your SEO, when you include your keywords and internal links back to your website landing pages. When you create content that is interesting and engaging, it’s more likely to shared on social media by those who follow you. This can dramatically increase exposure for your brand and generate valuable new leads.

How to Write and Optimise Blogs for SEO

  • Choose Relevant Topics to Your Business – write for your target audience. Choose an array of relevant topics that are interesting, informative, and engaging. For example, including how-to’s, new product showcases, industry news, historical pieces relating to your niche, and anything you yourself would like to read!
  • Provide New, Unique Content (Not repurposing) – to work for SEO purposes, your blog needs to be unique. Each and every time. Plagiarism will get you into trouble with search engines. If you seek inspiration from other sources (and many bloggers do – this is fine!) ensure you put your own personal take on the topic, making the end result your own, in your own tone. Check the end result is 100% unique by using an online plagiarism tool to be sure.
  • Include Focus Keywords – make sure you know exactly which keywords you are focusing on for your SEO strategy. Incorporate these into your content – for an article of 500 words in length (the minimum blog length for SEO is 350-500 words), include the keywords twice. Every keyword you are targeting doesn’t need to be used in every blog!
  • Be Consistent – blog on a regular basis – weekly, fortnightly, or monthly; you need to keep it consistent so your website is dynamic in the eyes of search engines and also so your audience of subscribers knows what to expect.
  • Share your Blog! Share your blog online via email newsletters, via social media, and via print newsletters and other marketing channels.

In Summary: Why Have a Blog?

  • A well-written, informative blog is highly shareable
  • It is a great way to target long-tail keywords
  • It keeps your website fresh
  • It encourages visitors to your website to stay longer
  • It enables internal links back to your website
  • It showcases your expertise within your industry
  • It connects you with your target audience
  • It enhances your search engine rankings when it is optimised for SEO

Get Blogging for SEO

  • Are you too busy to create your own blog content?
  • Do you not know where to start?
  • Is writing not your forte?

Blogging for SEO doesn’t need to be a hassle! Sparx Digital is aspecialist Australian-based digital marketing agency and we are perfectly positioned to help you with your onsite blogs! To boost your SEO efforts, improve your social media shareability, and keep your website content captivating and dynamic, talk to one of the Sparx team today. Contact us today via our website or give us a call for a free consultation about your blogging needs on (07) 5475 1911. We look forward to hearing from you!

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