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How nice is it when you use a new app, service or technology that integrates with something you already use?

With the huge plethora of services available, it can sometimes be different (or impossible) to get products and services to talk to each other.

Luckily there are a few services that achieve this task, and do a very good job of it.


Standing for ‘If This Then That’, IFTTT is a fantastic free service that can help you connect your favourite apps and services. Targeted more for home users, IFTTT has a huge library of ‘recipes’ to connect your favourite apps. Want to get a notification on your phone reminding you to pack an umbrella if it’s likely to rain tomorrow? Yep – there’s a recipe for that. What about a fresh cup of coffee ready when you wake up? Easy! (Assuming of course you have the necessary tech at home).


Designed more for business or data-rich services, Zapier is a great tool for being able to connect apps and services you use to get you more productive and save time. To connect services together in Zapier you create a ‘Zap’, choosing from a large range of available apps. Zapier is a free service with a few basic limitations, but with a paid plan you can take automation to the next level, building multi-step zaps. A quick example you could easily set up with Zapier – when someone submits a contact form on your website, you could set up a process where they are entered in to a CRM, sent an automatic reply, and then a reminder is set for your staff to reply.

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