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When you think of a classic SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaign, they are usually pretty straight forward.

Someone searches for keywords relating to your business and products, your ad appears, and you get them to click through to your website. SEM is probably one of the less-creative marketing channels available to businesses, but that doesn’t always have to be the case!

SEM can be a very reactive method of advertising, and on Census night, we spotted a brilliant example by Kogan. On August 9, most Australians jumped online to complete the Census, and (of course) there were massive technical problems which eventually saw the Census survey taken offline around 7.30pm.

Check out this example from Kogan who quickly spotted an opportunity and capitalised on it.

Another really clever example of an AdWords campaign that uses a creative concept is from Telstra. Search on Google for the telecommunications ombudsman and you’ll see an ad from Telstra that aims to resolve a potential complaint before it becomes official.

Use these examples to think of creative ways your business could use SEM! Keep an eye out for any opportunities where your products and services could relate to current news items, pop culture events or even obscure things people are searching for online.

As long as there is some context, the more creative you can be will likely mean less competitors, and a lower CPC.

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