Sell More By Selling Online!

Make it easy and convenient for your customers to buy your products and services directly from your website. Setting up an online store (eCommerce) is a simple and safe way for your customers to continue to transact with you.

Option 1: Adding eCommerce to an Existing Website

This option suits a business with an existing WordPress based website. We can run a simple check on your website to determine eligibility.

Option 2: Creating a New Single Page eCommerce Website

If your website isn’t eligible for Option 1, we can set up a single page eCommerce website to sell your products safely online.

What's Included?

  • eCommerce setup
  • Up to 15 products
  • Shipping, delivery & pick up options
  • Secure payment gateway
  • 12 months single page site hosting
  • Testing & training

Why Sparx?

We build high quality websites with a focus on usability and getting real results for your business. We’re backed by one of Australia’s major media organisations Grant Broadcasters. We give you full access and control of your website, and most content changes can be easily done by someone from your business.

eCommerce Solutions

Starting from

$ 900
  • Full eCommerce Setup
  • Choose shipping, delivery & pickup options
  • Work with an experienced website design team
  • We make the process quick & easy
Sparx has been great to work with over the last 1.5 years to create and action website updates to optimize our business. Our digital campaign has generated steady business growth.
Sarah Hayes
Deliciously Clean Eats

Frequently Asked Questions

We can move really fast to setup eCommerce on an existing site. We do need to get product information from you, such as names, prices, description and images. Once this is on file we can generally get eCommerce up and running within 1-2 weeks – we’ve set this up in 1 week for several customers.

We need to have all the content on hand to start setting up eCommerce. Delays in sourcing content or getting feedback will push back the timeline accordingly.

We need to get the following information to setup eCommerce:

  • Product info (name, price, description, image)
  • Shipping methods
  • Delivery areas
  • Payment gateway setup info (ABN, Business owner contact information, bank account details)
  • For an existing site we also need admin login details to your WordPress website, and access to your domain name.

You can choose from a range of different checkout options. Please note we allow for basic setup in this pricing, some advanced shipping configurations may come at an additional charge.

Delivery can be restricted via postcode.

  • Free delivery
  • Free delivery over a minimum spend
  • Flat rate delivery
  • Bulky items delivery

You can accept payment with a wide method of payment methods. We include setting up a credit card gateway using Stripe, but you can also look at additional gateways (which can come at an additional expense to setup).

These could include:

  • Direct Bank Deposits
  • Credit Card contactless (with an existing terminal)
  • AfterPay / Zip Pay

We use and recommend Stripe for processing credit card payments. We can also use PayPal if preferred.

Stripe fees: 1.75% + 30c per transaction.

PayPal fees: 2.6% + 30c per transaction.

Note these fees are directly from the payment gateway, and are automatically deducted when funds are sent to your nominated bank account.

After we’ve set this up, we’ll run through the full process on a video call, and show you what to expect when a customer places and order and how you can view order information.

eCommerce Website Porfolio

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