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There’s a new Facebook algorithm update, and it’s going to have a major impact on businesses and brands in the news feed. In a recently published post by Mark Zuckerberg, this update aims to help bring people together and build relationships.

The update means that content from businesses, brands and media will become less visible, and you’ll see more content from friends and family.

In a way this update is nothing new; all social media platforms are walking the line betweenย keeping their user base happy, and generating revenue through advertising. As one of the largest and most popular social networks (especially in Australia), Facebook does need to continuously adapt how it displays and ranks content to keep it’s huge user base engaged and happy.

How to combat the algorithim change?

With this update rolling out, it means that businesses have to be even more engaged and careful about how they use Facebook in order to get results.

As always, it pays to go back to social media best practices.

Create engaging content

This new Facebook algorithm update will prioritise ‘meaningful interaction’. More than ever before, businesses will have to ensure the content they’re putting on Facebook is engaging, relevant and generates comments, reactions and conversations.

To help your Facebook posts be more successful, ask questions that really engage with your audience and can help create conversations. Get personal, use content that invokes a reaction, and be more selective with what you post. If you’re not asking a question or not giving people something to respond to, it’s probably better not to post it!

To see what content has been most engaging, make sure you regularly check your page insights. This is a great starting point to see what type of posts have been most engaging in the past, as well as keep an eye on how your page reach and engagement is tracking week to week.

Get creative!

What can your business do to get creative with the type of content you’re posting? Facebook offers a wide range of options for pages, so use them! This might mean using more video content (and even live video), using galleries, check-ins and how you’re feeling to create better quality content that can stand out, so you don’t fall into the trap of posting the same type of posts regularly.

This also means thinking outside the box and getting creative. Think about your business and products and what can spark conversations, this could mean exploring topics that are only tangentially related to your business but will have a high engagement.

Another really important way to get creative is to utilise your current audience! Keep an eye on page posts, comments and interactions that the rest of your audience could find interesting and use them.

Use targeted advertising campaigns

With the number of people your business can reach on Facebook decreasing, it’s more important than ever before to utilise advertising to ensure you’re reaching customers.

For small business owners, this might mean boosting your most engaging posts. For small to medium businesses, creating a targeted campaign is the most effective way to get results.

Just like your organic posts, you need to make sure the advertising you use is engaging, relevant and creative. Test out different content and copy to make sure you’re ads have a high relevance score, and are generating reactions from customers.

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