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Since Facebook first introduced the Like button back in 2009 there has been some common etiquette questions around when to like a post. Social media has become such a large part of most people’s lives because it it allows people to communicate and share what they’re feeling and experiencing in real time, but Facebook’s standard like can raise some interesting questions.

If your best friend’s dog has just been hit by a car and killed, and they post a short tribute… Is a like an appropriate reaction?

What if you see an infuriating news article about something you strongly disagree with… you don’t really want to like that, do you?

Is liking a post in these above situations somehow endorsing the article that gets under your skin, or worse, letting your friend know that you actually like the fact that they’ve just lost their beloved pet? What kind of best friend are you?! (Schadenfreude anyone?)

Well no longer do you have to settle with an ambiguous and generic like! From 24/02/2016 Facebook’s new Reactions are available globally; giving you a whole new range of ways to quickly interact with a post and express how you really feel. Users can choose from a range of 5 new reaction options including love, laugh, wow, sad and angry.

Facebook began testing the feature late last year in Ireland and Spain, and have just rolled the change out globally, announcing the new feature in a blog post. The update is live now on mobile and desktop versions of Facebook, so why not jump on now and start reacting more authentically to updates from your network!

To use one of these new reactions, just long click or press the like button and choose the reaction you want to use. Do you see this as something you’ll use all the time now, or will you be sticking to the old trusted like?

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