Facebook set to take on the work place - Sparx Digital

If you’re part of a team driven work place, you’ll know that communicating effectively is the key to a happy (and productive!) workplace.

Slack has made a huge impact in the business communication space, offering up a feature rich messaging app for teams, promising team communication for the 21st century.

Slack may however face some serious competition from Facebook, who are rumoured to be launching Facebook for Work within the coming months. You can already see how it works and even register your interest onย the Facebook for Work page.

Slack is massive in the tech world, and while it has seen significant cut through and adoption for other industries – it will be interesting to see how popular Facebook’s work platform will be.

The platform will combine many existingย Facebook features that users are familiar with, such as groups, messaging, events and video and voice calling which are all included. It will be interesting to see how much this familiarity and ease of use will help the new service become popular (especially in the non-tech industries).


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