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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising delivers an appealing return on investment, as you only pay for your ads when a lead actively clicks on them. This means that, unlike traditional forms of advertising and marketing, you are not spending money potentially targeting the wrong audience – but rather, presenting your advertising material to the right audience at the right time.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the most effective and popular forms of PPC advertising used worldwide today. Leveraged well, they offer a premium marketing solution for businesses of all kinds and sizes.

Some businesses will perform better with Facebook Ads; others with Google Ads. By far the most effective approach for superior return on investment and sales outcomes, however, is to combine them for your overall marketing strategy.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

Most small businesses (and many medium-sized businesses) have a limited marketing budget. Determining where their advertising spend will focus is extremely important, but it can also be challenging.

Google Ads are specific to the search platform used by as many as 70% of internet users globally. Google sees more than one billion searches performed every day – representing an almost unlimited audience. Google Ads represent paid search marketing and it is an incredibly popular PPC platform, and advertisers pay only when a user clicks on their ad. It is the preferred paid search platform worldwide as it targets consumers exactly at the time they demonstrate active buyer intent.

Facebook Ads are essentially a form of paid social marketing – enabling businesses to capture user attention for commercial purposes via social media. With almost 2.3 billion monthly active users, Facebook presents business owners with an opportunity for lead generation and prospect conversion that can’t be ignored. In fact, in 2019, 25% of all online ad revenue was via Facebook Ads.

What makes Facebook Ads so powerful? The platform understands users’ social behaviour – covertly tracking their Newsfeed, Searches, Location, Friends Lists, Follower Behaviour, Hashtags, Posts, and more. Facebook Ads are a great way for businesses, especially small businesses, to identify and target their advertising to those users who are most likely to engage and purchase.

Why Invest in Ads?

Never have advertising and marketing been more targeted and trackable than they are right now. Campaigns using Google Ads and Facebook Ads are analysed in-depth in terms of:

  • Click-Through Rate
  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Cost-per-Click
  • Ad Spend
  • …and more

Furthermore, professional, expert digital agencies like Sparx can put scripts and codes on clients’ websites to capture individual website visitors and create remarketing campaigns via Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Remarketing is extremely effective for ROI, especially for those who did not initially convert (e.g. abandoned shopping carts).

Benefits of Paired PPC Advertising

There are several significant benefits of pairing your Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns to leverage the ultimate in PPC advertising. Yes, you may have a preference between the two, but using them in tandem can reap big rewards for your online visibility, lead generation, and return on investment.

The benefits of doing so include:

  1. Enhance Brand Awareness
    Pairing social media with search engine advertising delivers the unsurpassed potential for driving brand awareness. Use Facebook to deliver ads to prospects so that ad (and brand) recall is optimised and establishing engagement and relationships. Concurrently using Google Ads for a variety of types of campaigns to suit your business and target audience will optimise your brand awareness.

    In terms of branding, social media is the perfect platform for visually showcasing your brand, while Google Ads present the ideal opportunity to later convert your captivated prospects. Between the two platforms, brand alignment and consistency are the keys to consumer engagement with your business.

  2. Maximise Reach
    Facebook is great for engaging prospects and building brand awareness, and some will convert directly from social media, but for premium engagement, you need to captivate and compel your audience when they have buyer intent. This is where Google Ads, especially Search Ads, are so important. Use both platforms in tandem to achieve maximum reach.

  3. Generate a High Number of Quality Leads
    Facebook Ads have a conversion rate of just over 9% (Source: WordStream) and this is fantastic in terms of lead generation conversion. If a prospect engages with a Facebook Ad, a lead form opens within the app – simplifying the process towards conversion. In terms of Google Ads, search intent is behind the visibility of these – and there is no better prospect than one who is actively searching for the solutions you provide.

  4. Streamline Conversions
    A smooth, simple conversion process is integral to your success online, as audiences have short attention spans and little patience. Not only must your website eCommerce processes be simple and fast, but you can enhance these processes using Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

  5. Use Metrics to Adapt your Campaign Strategy
    Ongoing analysis of your marketing campaigns is critical for ongoing success, and PPC advertising via Google and Facebook delivers insights to assess your strategy. This enables you to easily track and identify what works and what can be improved, enabling you to tweak your approach.

  6. Succeed!
    Use Facebook Ads to build audiences, build brand awareness, and for remarketing purposes. These will be your inexpensive clicks. Use Google Ads to captivate buyer intent and convert prospects through the sales funnel to completion.

Let Sparx Help!

It’s important to discuss your business goals with an expert digital marketer who has expertise with Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Only they can optimally determine which form of advertising will deliver you the greatest ROI – and for many businesses, a combined approach will exceed the sum of its parts for your bottom line.

Among the digital solutions we offer here at Sparx Digital, we provide comprehensive campaigns for Facebook Ads and Google Ads. These forms of digital advertising deliver an active, visible presence to your target audience at the right time – so you don’t spend money on advertising to an audience that has no imminent buyer intent for what you offer.

Sparx is here to help you! We work in collaboration with you to understand your goals and help you get seen online most cost-effectively and appropriately. Call us now on 1300 477 279 or drop us an email at We look forward to working with you!

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