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Cleverly and effectively managing your online presence is crucial to maximising your business success. Are you using Google My Business as part of your strategy?

Google My Business was developed to facilitate and simplify the process of giving internet searchers the information they seek.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is a free online business listing tool that enables you to manage your business listing in Google Search results and Google Maps. You may add:

  1. Your business name
  2. Your business location
  3. Your operating hours
  4. Contact details
  5. Images
  6. Products & Pricing information
  7. Offers

You can also access metrics relating to how users are searching for you and from where, as well as replying to and monitoring Google Customer Reviews.

GMB displays your business name, address, opening hours, and contact information clearly on the search engine results page (at the right of the screen on a desktop or tablet; at the top of results on a mobile screen) – there is no need for users to click through to your website to find this basic information.

While you do want to encourage click-through traffic to your website, a consumer who seeks the most basic of information immediately (e.g. your phone number or opening hours) will be satisfied to access this as quickly as possible via your GMB listing. Further information is just the click- of-a-mouse or the swipe-of-a-screen away.

Local SEO – What is the Local 3-Pack?


As a tool to help with local SEO, Google My Business is a very effective platform from which to focus your initial SEO efforts. It helps you manage your online presence across the Google Suite of Websites: Google Search, Mobile Search, and Google Maps.

With GMB, you can appear in Google’s Local 3-pack results– i.e. Maps Listings. These appear before organic results in Google Search.

The 3-Pack is a map with three local businesses pinned at the top of a search engine results page. Google provides these local search results at the top of the page and they are based directly on your Google My Business listing, as well as third-party reviews and other information. Previously there were seven local results displayed; this is now just three business results. It is very much in your interest to make sure that your business appears in the 3-pack for your local results.

Setting up your Google My Business page may be all it takes to display your business in a Local 3-Pack result – putting your business front and centre for your chosen search terms in a specific area.

Why Use Google My Business for YOUR Business?


  1. It’s FREE! – which means effective, no-cost advertising for your business.
  2. Boost Your Visibility – Enhance local SEO efforts by appearing in Google Maps searches. This is an essential tool for Local SEO and a fantastic option for small businesses in particular.
  3. Earn Trust – The listing verifies your business location – even if you purely trade online. Having a physical address attached to your business gives trust value and authority – Google appreciates this and your search engine rankings will improve. (You may elect to not display your exact location publicly – but Google nonetheless needs to be able to identify it at their end).
  4. Provide Information – It is a service-based listing – add your phone number as this is a primary method many consumers will default to using to contact can also provide basic information about your business – product lists, menus, prices, payment types, etc.
  5. Generate New Business – Provide coupons and special offers to encourage patronage of your business right from the search engine results page.
  6. Boost your Appeal to Consumers – Encourage, facilitate, manage, respond to, and showcase Google Reviews, which boost your rankings and help consumers determine that your products or services are right for them.
  7. Gather Data – Learn more about who your customers are, and how they search and shop, with analytics data.
  8. Stand out from your competitors by being top of Page 1!

Partner with Sparx Digital

Free to use and uncomplicated, Google My Business is an important tool for your strategic digital marketing arsenal. Let Sparx help! We are your perfect partner in digital marketing, and we can set up and manage your Google My Business listing for you to enjoy almost immediate benefits.
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