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To achieve the results you seek for your business online, you need to make sure that your website is being presented well and delivered to your target audience. If this is not happening, it doesn’t matter how amazing your website is; if it’s not being seen, it simply won’t reach its potential as an effective lead generator and revenue-earner for you. Google Ads are a great way to help you ensure your website is being seen by the people that matter the most – potential customers who actively seek your products and services!

Google search has great power for businesses in Australia and worldwide. 95% of all searches in Australia are done on Google, and market research has demonstrated time and again that Google Search Ads can increase brand awareness by 80%.

But how much do Google Ads cost? Is it really worth the investment?

Why Invest in Google Ads?

Google Ads enable you to advertise your business via Google’s search results. It’s a form of search engine marketing that is targeted for your chosen search keywords and it is only triggered when internet users specifically search for your keywords (otherwise known as “search terms”).

Your search terms or keywords may be based on your brand, product, location, or any other term you select.

Google Ads is a form of pay-per-click advertising. It can achieve fast results (unlike social media marketing and search engine optimisation which require time and an ongoing commitment), and it can help a business be seen by its ideal audience quickly and effectively.

Investment in Google Ads offers an array of benefits to you as a business owner:

  • Targeted advertising
  • Harness consumer intent
  • Magnify your reach online
  • Generate valuable leads
  • Advertise within your budget for prompt ROI
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Direct traffic to your website

How do Google Ads Work?

  1. An internet user enters an enquiry based on a specific search term.
  2. Google runs an auction to determine relevant search results for ads. This considers factors including Ad Rank and Quality Score.
  3. For search terms with multiple advertisers, Google assesses Ad Ranks to determine ad positions in search engine results and the average cost per click.
  4. Google applies the following formula:
    Ad Rank = Quality Score x Maximum Bid
    The Quality Score is based on factors including search relevance to keywords, landing page design, ad quality, and click-through rate.
  5. You do not pay when people see your ad, only when they click through to your website or make an enquiry.

How Much do Google Ads Cost?

Advertising with Google Ads has unmatched potential to quickly generate a high return on your investment.

According to Google, advertisers average a doubling of their investment in terms of revenue generated promptly – for every dollar invested, you can realistically expect to generate a two-dollar return.

Unlike almost all other forms of advertising online, you pay for Google Ads only based on the results you achieve in terms of clicks received, phone calls to your business, and tangible online leads generated. With Google Ads, you’re not paying outside your budget or for ads that promise the world but generate no real leads.

You don’t need a large budget to advertise via Google Ads, but there are a few key considerations:

  • The average cost paid per click will depend on the target market. The cost per click may be higher in highly-competitive industries like, for example, credit card processing or insurance. Even a small budget can, however, deliver a good ROI.
  • You have total control over how much you spend on Google Ads and you can modify your campaigns on the go as required.
  • You’ll need to conduct keyword research to glean which focus terms relevant to your business have the highest search volume and base your Google Ads campaign on these. The highest search volume is not necessarily a guarantee that an ad will convert and those keywords with the highest volumes will often cost more. You ultimately need to select the very best, most relevant keywords for your own unique campaign intent.

You will only benefit from the highest potential for growth that Google Ads offers if you understand how to customise your budget, and set and manage your ads effectively. This is why you need a top digital agency like Sparx!

Make Sparx Your Digital Agency in 2020!

Sparx Digital is an Australian boutique digital agency that works with you to deliver more and to get results. We approach your Google Ads campaigns considering the bigger picture, taking the time and giving you the attention to understand your business, your brand, your industry, and your online goals. We are proud to be an accredited Google Partner and this provides you with numerous benefits such as knowing how to reduce your Google Ads cost and increase your enquiries.

Thanks to our impressive and constantly-evolving collective skills and experience, we have the in-house talent and creative approach to help you succeed with your Google Ads campaigns.

So why not make Sparx your digital agency in 2020? Contact us today to explore how we can partner with you and help you boost your business in the coming year!

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