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Evaluation of your digital agency partner and your marketing strategy are critical to the ongoing success of your digital marketing efforts. Your provider must deliver on their promises and work with transparency and integrity at all times. This includes keeping you in the loop; being there when you need them; being easy to work with, and maximising on your budget to help you get the results you seek – namely being seen by the right audience online.

Evaluating your Digital Agency Provider

It’s incredibly important for the ongoing success and growth of your business to regularly step back and evaluate your current digital agency provider. The right provider will make great marketing decisions, implement a strategy that takes advantage of a number of moving parts rather than a single marketing entity, and maximise on your budget for the very best return on your investment.

Some questions to ask when evaluating your digital marketing agency partner include:

  • Is my website optimised for SEO? Does it function well?
  • Are our digital ads designed to the highest quality? (i.e. HTML5)
  • What are our main goals with regards to our ads and social media marketing campaigns? How do you track these goals to ascertain ROI?
  • Which platforms do our ads display on? Have they received quality impressions? How many clicks and hovers have these ads received? Where are these clicks originating from?
  • Which social platforms are we using for marketing purposes? Are they ideal for my target audience demographic?
  • Does our overall marketing strategy make a positive impact in terms of reach and frequency?
  • Is our messaging and targeting on point and integrated with our entire marketing strategy?
  • Can I log in see in real-time for myself how our ads are performing?

The right digital agency partner for you will be able to answer each and every one of these questions to your satisfaction and offer expert advice for ways to tweak and improve on your campaign going forward.

Evaluating your Digital Marketing Strategy

There are some key questions you need to consider on top of selecting a fantastic digital agency provider. These can help you assess the effectiveness of your existing digital strategy and whether it is delivering a definitive return on your investment:

  • What are your digital marketing strategic goals?
  • Have you identified your target audience? Do you understand how to reach them most effectively?
  • Are you using an integrated approach with a variety of digital marketing products, including Google Ads and Facebook Ads? Are you also leveraging traditional marketing channels as part of your strategy?
  • Are you basing your advertising on your target buyer’s purchasing journey?
  • Have you identified KPIs for tracking throughout your campaign? Can you identify how much foot-traffic your online ads are generating for your business?
  • Have you created a data-driven marketing strategy?
  • Are you receiving measurable results that comply with your KPIs? Can you measure the revenue your digital ads are generating?

Every marketing campaign needs strategic tweaks as metrics are assessed. Digital marketing, from SEO-optimised website design to Google Ads, social media advertising and even email marketing, is not a set-and-forget entity; you need to assess the achievement of your KPIs and your ROI and make changes where you identify gaps need to be filled.

Make Sparx Your Digital Agency!

At Sparx Digital, we understand the importance of utilising both creative digital and traditional marketing practices together to build a strategic marketing plan to deliver results in terms of lead generation and website enquiries. We are a well-established digital agency that offers everything you need to get seen and in the right way online. From website design to Google and social media advertising, and more, we deliver it all from our dedicated in-house team of digital marketing professionals who have the skills and experience to help you reach your target audience and your online goals.

Contact us at Sparx Digital today to explore how your partnership with our digital agency can boost your online result!

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