Mailchimp adds support for (some) custom fonts - Sparx Digital

For the majority of our email marketing clients at Sparx Digital we use Mailchimp. It’s a very well built platform that can manage anything from a simple newsletter or promotional email right up to a fully automated campaign based on a customer’s previous purchasing history.

One of the big aesthetic limitations with email marketing has always been typography. While some email marketing platforms have supported the use of custom fonts, there are still a large amount of email clients which don’t support custom fonts.

Mailchimp have recently added in the ability to use custom web fonts, giving designers and marketers more options to make email marketing messages look better, and more closely represent the business that they’re coming from.

Right now this is limited to a small handful of web fonts, but this is a nice step forward in bringing email marketing up to speed with websites where custom fonts have been easy to implement for at least the last 3 years.


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