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marketing trends for 2021

Happy New Year!

A brand new year presents the perfect opportunity – and inclination – to hit the reset button – and this includes your approach to marketing for your business.

After the challenges of last year (whose name we will not speak, except to say “good riddance”), there is no better time to look at the predicted marketing trends for 2021 and beyond and embrace a fresh start for success.

A Changed World

The world looks very different than it did a mere 12 months ago, and many of these differences are here to stay. Moreover, some of them will eventually come to be viewed in a very positive light as we emerge into a better future, starting right now.

The companies which were able to roll with the punches over the last year and adapt to challenges are those which achieved one major thing in common: they strengthened human connections and met the changing needs of their clients and customers. This included:

  • Implementing better means of interaction and engagement
  • Facilitation of working from home for employees wherever feasible
  • Video conferencing
  • Online offerings
  • Enhanced remote customer service
  • Reflection on brand values and identity
  • Becoming leaders in their fields

Furthermore, marketing experts globally are predicting some major trends for the year to come.

5 Key Marketing Trends for 2021


  1. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, digital business services (including online events, video conferencing, and virtual consultations) are here to stay. They may even become permanent, due to their overall convenience and requirement until the pandemic has run its course. From virtual medical appointments and formal consultations to group chats to online classes, conducting these conversations online is only going to become more common.

  2. It has never been easier to shop from your home or another location of your choice. The convenience of online shopping has been revolutionised, and this will continue in the coming months and years. Particularly, shopping via social media platforms has exploded in the past year and consumers will continue to seek out this option.

    Previously, consumers used platforms like Instagram and Facebook to discover products and then purchase them in-store or via the business’s website. Social media-based commerce enables a seamless and straightforward path from discovery to purchase in a click or two and without leaving the social platform.

  3. Personalised shopping experiences will be delivered by the brands consumers seek to purchase from. Thanks to the infinite plethora of information available online, consumers are more informed than ever before. The informed shopper seeks an informed brand to patronise.

    Consumers expect their preferred brands to know what they want and to help them discover their future desires through data collected from past searches, past purchases, and social activity. This reflects a new level of engagement between brands and consumers, seeing clever brands predict and tell consumers what they want, when they want it, and how to get it now.

  4. Social media is a boon for any business – but only if the business chooses the right channel for them. Not all channels will work for all brands and business types, and the channel you elect to use needs to be appropriate for your target audience as well as for your product or service.

    In the past, businesses have sought to maintain a strong presence across an array of social platforms. Far more powerful, and the way of the future, is to choose to focus your presence on the social channel which is right for your business and customers – be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or another platform. Savvy business owners and marketers will virtually declutter and reduce the number of social media platforms they focus on for more specific marketing tactics and ultimately better results.

  5. Perhaps more than anything else, clever businesses will strive to create authentic human connections with their clients and customers. Consumers are demanding more from businesses – and with so many competing options in the global market thanks to the internet, a business must meet and satisfy these demands to thrive. Companies and brands must engage in a human way, encouraging active conversation and speaking with customers as opposed to broadcasting to and speaking at them.

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