New virtual reality demo from mysterious company Magic Leap - Sparx Digital

Virtual reality is set to be huge in the future, and some of the biggest tech companies are heavily investing in this exciting field.

Sony is set to ship PlayStation VR in October this year, and we’ve been seeing some exciting updates from Microsoft with demos of their HoloLens technology. Facebook is also investing big in the virtual reality space, acquiring one of the most hyped VR companies Oculus Rift which saw the official release late last month.

Ironically one of the most promising and interesting virtual reality technologies is the one we know nothing about.

Magic Leap are a company and that is surrounded by mystery. They’re not revealing much at all about their technology, but we know that is likely to go beyond the current virtual reality demos that we are seeing and incorporate a ‘mixed reality’ experience; blending holographic style visuals with real world objects.

Yesterday Magic Leap have released another teaser video that gives a bit more of an idea about their product – stating that no special effects or compositing have been used in the video titled ‘A New Morning’.

What is clear though is how much interest and investment there has been in the company. After launching 2010, Magic leap raised over $500 million in 2014 from investors including Google. In 2015 there were reports that the company had raised an additional $827 million.

It’s clear Magic Leap are one of the companies to watch in the VR space, and we’re excited to see some more examples of what’s to come.

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