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Happy New Year! 2020 is a brand new decade – so what better time to embrace emerging social trends for the benefit of your business?

Before you embark on your journey of upping your game in terms of social media, you need to be apprised of what 2020 is likely to bring for social media and how it can apply to your marketing efforts.

Social Trends – The Benefits of Social Media

When it comes to digital marketing, social media has exploded over the last fifteen years. Its potential to evolve even more in the coming decade is exceptional. From the launch of Facebook in 2004, social media has completely changed the landscape of how we connect online and how businesses build relationships with their customers.

In the modern marketplace, engagement and connection between businesses and consumers have never been more important. We seek simpler and more comfortable lifestyle experiences and the internet delivers these, from shopping to paying bills to booking appointments and seeking services online. It’s also a cornucopia of information.

How can social help you? Social media is an unparalleled platform for lead generation and creating two-way conversations between your business and its potential clients – captivating consumers and guiding them to your website and hence through the sales funnel.

Here we present just a few expert predictions for social trends in 2020. These demonstrate expectations for global social trends.

8 Expert Predictions for Social Trends in 2020

AR – augmented reality is already being used to great effect on Snapchat, where camera filters, for example, are powered by AR technology. These fun features are being adopted by Instagram and Facebook and AR tech will continue to grow and evolve to boost engagement for AR videos, AR live events, and to enhance the buying experience. It will also be a fantastic tool to create and build brand awareness.

Ephemeral Content – included time-sensitive Facebook stories, Insta-stories, and Snapchats: content that is accessible for a limited time only. This boosts engagement in the moment, driven by our natural “fear of missing out” (FOMO). Marketers will cleverly be able to use this to trigger immediate responses from users.

Groups – Facebook has announced it will be placing its focus on featuring Groups more heavily as a predominant segmenting tool on the platform. This will enable brands to focus more heavily on group-oriented marketing which will, in turn, enhance privacy for platform users. Branding will become more personalized, hence more effectively targeted to a specific and relevant audience for greater ROI.

Engagement – engagement drives website traffic, brand interest, and loyalty. What better way to engage with consumers than via social media?

By sharing content that is of interest, relevance, and value to your customers and demonstrates your authority in your field, you can build a pool of authentic followers who actively engage with and seek out your brand. Additionally, in terms of SEO, social posts which receive replies, comments, and shares rank better than those with many likes but few or no comments.

Authentic versus Fabricated Content: with such a rise in “fake news” over recent years, the need for recognizably authentic content has never been greater. This extends to how marketing practices will evolve, as even the whiff of inauthenticity can be incredibly detrimental to brands. As such, premium publishers and content that can be trusted will become much more prevalent and fabricated content will be actively discouraged and penalised. Facebook and other platforms will need to work harder to elicit positive use of their platforms with greater oversight to regulate how users are targeted.

Privacy – this is ever more critical online, as our personal information is exposed to an extent on each social platform we use. The data we share is collected and collated by social platforms, and we need to know we can trust that our data will be kept secure.

Social platform operators are working to implement better security and data privacy practices. This will become more important in the future.

Video Content – video is the preferred content for many internet users. It requires more passive activity than reading and it’s no coincidence that YouTube is one of the world’s largest search engines. Video enables sharing of engaging, versatile content that is relevant to your brand and your audience. It is easily shareable across platforms and offers great ROI for marketers and business owners.

TikTok is booming in popularity and this is set to continue in a big way through 2020 and beyond. Originally founded as, it is a metaphorical “karaoke for the digital age”- an exciting social platform focused on the creation and sharing of short music videos. Particularly popular amongst teens, it enables self-expression via dancing, singing, lip-syncing, viral challenges, and comedy. It presents a massive opportunity for marketers and as a branding tool.

Automation – social media is just that: SOCIAL. This means it needs to be responsive, and to achieve this automation is paramount. Social automation in the form of auto-replies, chatbots, etc is a growing trend which can help your social efforts pay off for you and drive interactions and clicks even when you are not physically present.

Live Content – live videos are extremely popular on social media, with Facebook and YouTube being channels that have adopted the live feed. Live video feeds are timely, engaging, interesting, and foster a sense of community with in-the-moment commenting.

These are just a snapshot of a much wider list of trend predictions, which include data segmentation, AI, growth of social communities, podcasting, social influencer marketing, and much, much more.
It’s an exciting time to be adopting social media marketing for your business growth.

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