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We’ve talked before about how important it is to have high-quality textual content on your website, to inform and engage your audience as well as to help your website rank more highly in search engine results. But what about website images?

Images are a very powerful communication tool. They are easy to understand and they cross language barriers.

Humans are visual beings, and we process image-based information quickly. There is no faster way to captivate an audience, differentiate your product, explain a concept, and be memorable, than by incorporating the right images on your website.

Why are Website Images so Important?

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. It may sound cliché, but it’s true!

There are seven learning styles:

  1. Visual/spatial = image-based
  2. Auditory/aural = sound and music
  3. Verbal/linguistic = speech and writing
  4. Physical/kinesthetic = learning by doing
  5. Logical/mathematical = reasoning, systems, and logic
  6. Social/interpersonal = group learning
  7. Solitary/intrapersonal = working alone

65% of the population are primarily visual learners.

Researchers have found that:

  • Humans can process images in just 13 milliseconds
  • Most people recall 80% of what they see, but only 20% of what they read

While there is no argument that your website must have quality textual content, images are also critically important and feature heavily in the very best websites. They are very powerful storytelling tools. After all, most people prefer to see images on a website, and it is high-quality imagery which initially captivates an audience and compels them to then read the accompanying text on a web page.

There are 2 billion websites globally and 3.2 billion images are shared online every day.

  • Online articles that include relevant images are shared twice as often as those without images.
  • Tweets which incorporate images are retweeted 150% more and receive 18% more clicks than tweets without images.
  • Facebook posts with videos and images receive significantly higher engagement than those without.
  • Images can be used to educate, inform, and provide clarity most people will understand, as opposed to text.

Features of a High-Quality Image

The most amazing website, no matter how great its content is, will fall short in terms of expectation and performance if its images are irrelevant, pixelated, or otherwise low in quality. So too, the performance of the site will suffer if the images are too large and compromise the site’s speed.

A high-quality image will be:

  1. Original
  2. Relevant
  3. Sharp
  4. Load quickly
  5. Mobile optimised
  6. Labelled with ALT-TITLE tags for SEO purposes
  • High-quality pictures will help to give your website that “wow” factor you seek.
  • Images should always be relevant to your accompanying text.
  • Clean, clear images of products you offer will improve the user experience and improve sales.
  • Make sure the images file sizes are not too large – this helps to keep the website running fast.
  • Avoid images that are of low quality, generic, or stock images.
  • Incorporate share buttons on your site for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Top Reasons to Use Images on your Website


  1. Improve User Experience – capture attention, convey complex messages, and engage your audience instantly with quality images. The right images can bring your brand and your product to life for your audience.
  2. Increase Time Spent on Your Site – enjoy more clicks and more website views. Website users will spend more time on a website that is rich in both website images and text content. The best use of imagery is to have it above the fold and it must directly relate to your text.
  3. Improve SEO – relevant, high-quality and labelled image content helps search engine optimisation for indexation and ranking of your website. Images, like text, should be unique and original to your site.
  4. Propel Social Media – images are the bread and butter of effective social media posts. Share quality, unique images for greater social traction – interaction, engagement, and sharing.

Images trigger an emotional response in the audience. They are easy to absorb and understand, and they convey information much more quickly than text. Used the right way, great website images provide opportunities to attract a new audience and drive conversion.

Sparx Digital can help!

Our expert team of digital marketing specialists and creative thinkers has the know-how and talent to create the perfect web presence for your brand. We know how to leverage images to:

  • captivate your audience
  • compel them to want to know more
  • showcase your brand or products
  • trigger conversions
  • generate new leads

To develop a new website from scratch, or just to revamp your existing site, look no further than Sparx Digital!
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