Marketing Agency - Web Design

Website Design

Your website is your digital shopfront. It needs to look good, be user friendly and support your business goals. From landing pages to large eCommerce based sites, the Sparx team will take on a project of any size and custom design a solution that is progressive and unique to your business.

Marketing Agency - Search Marketing


The internet is a busy place. It’s easy for your business to get lost in the crowd. Getting the RIGHT people to your website is essential. Search engine marketing allows you to target potential customers by keywords, locations, devices and clicks on your website. It’s direct and it gets results.

Marketing Agency - Social Media


They’ve have seen your business. They’ve liked your posts. It seems crazy to just let them go, doesn’t it? Remarketing is all about leveraging existing opportunities. It’s about reminding people, engaging them and converting them to become first time or repeat customers.

Marketing Agency - Feedback / Surveys

Social Media Advertising

Facebook and Instagram allow you to engage and entertain. You can easily form two-way relationships, build trust and gain followers. When you advertise on them correctly, these powerful social media channels can become the most lucrative part of your marketing strategy. Let the Sparx team show you how.

Marketing Agency - Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is powerful. If someone is in your database, it means they have liked you somewhere along the way. Email marketing allows you to reach people and offer them information you KNOW they’re interested in. The content is therefore relevant and reaches the right people every time.

Marketing Agency - Design & Print


We live in a visual, aesthetically focused world. From logos and branding to online advertising and billboards, your business’s visual identity is important. Your company’s visual style can make you instantly memorable. Instantly likeable. Instantly NOW. Keep up with the latest design innovations with Sparx.

Marketing Agency - Strategy

The Complete Package

You can opt for small pieces of the puzzle, or ‘go-all-in’ for a complete digital marketing solution. Web design, search engine marketing, social media advertising, email marketing and design… Show us all your cards and we promise to help you play a winning hand.

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