We specialise in smart, targeted marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes. Using the latest technology, and aligned with your business goals we can create campaigns to learn about and increase your customers. We create campaigns to delight and surprise your audience, with smart targeted offers and digital vouchers designed to get results.

Types of campaigns

We help businesses create all sorts of marketing campaigns that help them get the outcomes they want. Some general types of campaigns we create are:

  • Competitions
  • Rewards / digital vouchers
  • Customer feedback
  • Surveys / opinion polls

We create smart, multi-platform campaigns that can be promoted pretty much anywhere, including websites, social media, email, SMS and traditional channels such as TV, radio and print ads.

Campaigns - Types of Campaigns

Campaigns - Build and segment database

Build and segment customers

To stand out and get results businesses have to talk to customers in a personal and relevant way. We build campaigns that are designed to help grow your customer database, but also learn about your customers.

By finding out a bit of basic information about your audience and what products and services they’re interested in, we can start to segment your customers. This then allows follow up communications to be more targeted, relevant and effective.

Digital Vouchers & Coupons

One of the tried and true ways of getting customers to engage with your business has always been vouchers and coupons. With the widespread adoption of mobile devices, there are now improved and highly effective ways to offer your customers modern and easy vouchers to help get them through your door.

Digital vouchers have some huge advantages over ‘old’ style vouchers; they can be stored in Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, or just in a regular email account and can use geo-notifications to let customers know when they’re near your store.

Digital Vouchers & Coupon Campaigns

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