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Have you harnessed the power of social media for your marketing and branding?

Social media offers amazing potential when it comes to marketing your business – by showcasing your brand, starting conversations, building loyalty, generating leads and creating the right connections that will translate to sales.

But is your social activity getting the results you seek?

You need to have an active, visible presence on the appropriate social platforms for your business and your target audience. Facebook Ads are an intrinsic part of achieving this.

At Sparx Digital, we develop dynamic and engaging Facebook Ad campaigns to intrigue your target audience on Facebook and trigger click-throughs to your website, driving tangible results in terms of messages, phone calls, and store visits. We can help you capture the power of Facebook to boost engagement with your brand, ultimately leading to conversion and more sales.

What are Facebook Ads?

Social media is just that – SOCIAL. 

Instead of broadcasting to or talking at your target audience, using social media for marketing aims to create genuine connections and start two-way conversations. Do it well, and the right audience will become your Followers and even organic lead generators for your brand on your behalf, through Liking, Commenting, and Sharing your content with their friends.

The organic reach of your Facebook profile, however, has its limitations. You can dramatically boost your visibility on social media by investing in Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads are paid advertising content on Facebook that may be bought in terms of total impressions or pay-per-click. They appear in a person’s News Feed and in the Right Column on Facebook on desktop computers. Ad content may also be paired with social actions by a user’s friend on Facebook, for example, when they “Like” a page.
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Did You Know?

Facebook has more than 2.3 billion active monthly users worldwide. 74% of Facebook users visit the platform daily; 96% of these access Facebook via mobile. This represents an unlimited potential reach for your brand. With the right approach to social media and using Facebook Ads, traffic to your website may grow exponentially. The sky truly is the limit. 

Why Use Facebook Ads

Why Choose Sparx Digital for Facebook Ads?

We have an expert team of digital strategists and social media enthusiasts whose passion is helping you get your brand’s message out to the world in the most effective way possible. We work with you to understand your brand, your business, and your goals online. By strategically helping you be more social and by doing it extremely well, we help you reach more relevant consumers and boost your social presence for results you can see in terms of social interactions and higher click-through rates. 

With Sparx Digital’s inventive and targeted approach to Facebook Ads, we’ll help you build and stimulate your social audience to positive action.

Contact us today to discover more about what we offer at Sparx Digital.

Meet our social ads team

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Head of Marketing

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