Is your business using social media marketing to it’s potential? Maybe  you’ve got a Facebook page and have maybe dabbled in Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest… but are your social media activity getting results for the business?

Engage with customers

The primary reason you need to be using social media well is to form a genuine, two way relationship with your customers. Social media gives businesses the opportunity to genuinely connect with your audience. Doing this well means you’ll build trust, loyalty and a positive image for your business.

Social media marketing can help you get real time feedback from customers, generate leads for your business, and help your products and services and your message get out to the world.

Social Media Marketing - Engage with Customers

Social Media Marketing - Live Where Your Customers Live

Live where your customers live

Social media use has increased at a staggering rate over the last 10 years. Your customers are using more social platforms, and they’re using them more often. Just under half of all Australian use social media sites at least once per day, which is increasing year on year. For businesses, this has huge implications. You need to live where your customers live to be seen and stay relevant, and more than ever before this is on social media.

It can be difficult for businesses to know what platforms they should be using, what content they should be posting, and how they should be managing these services. We can make this easy with a range of social media marketing services from regular posts and content ideas, reputation management and general guidance.

Powerful targeting

It’s a little bit scary to think about how much personal information social media platforms collect. Social media advertising allows businesses to tap in to this data and create highly effective campaigns of all sizes.

With smart and targeted social media marketing campaigns businesses can use information such as location, interests and other demographics to create ads that get in front of those most likely to take action. We love testing different audiences and ads to find what is going to get the best results, making it easy for small businesses to use the same advanced methods as the big national brands.

Social Media Marketing - Poweful Targeting

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