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If you’ve got a current Website Care Plan package with Sparx Digital, on the 1st of each month we’ll send you a report showing you everything we’ve been working on over the past month to keep your website safe, secure and working well for your business.

If you’re a current website care plan customer, here is a breakdown of what’s included in each section of the report, why it’s important and what it means for your business.

If you’re not on a website care plan with us, it’s a great way to ensure your website stays secure, fast and is working as effectively as it can for your business. Learn more about our website care plans here.

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In this section of the report, you’ll see a snapshot of Google Analytics data from your website from the last month. This report will compare analytics data to the previous period, and allows you to see an overall view of traffic to the website.

Please note this section is provided as a snapshot of your Google Analytics activity. Google Analytics can report on many more aspects of your website – if there is something that isn’t included here you want to see, please let us know and we can setup a custom report direct from Google Analytics.

For more information about the terminology used here, please see below.



The total number of sessions users spent on your website. A session is defined by Google as “a group of user interactions with your website that take place within a given time frame”, and is normally set as 30 minutes.

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The total number of pages that were viewed on your website. 

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Session Duration
The average length of a session on your website.

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Pages Per Sessions
The change in the number of pages per session. A higher number here means users are exploring more of the website, and in most cases is a positive.

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Bounce Rate
The change in the overall bounce rate of users. A bounce is when a user visits a page without any further interactions (eg comes to the page and leaves).

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Social Media Sessions
The change in the number of sessions that originated from social media channels.

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Organic Searches
The change in the number of sessions that originated from organic search engines such as Google, Bing etc.

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Keeping plugins and themes up to date is one of the most essential tasks to keep your website secure and avoid issues. We regularly check and apply plugin and theme updates on your site.

In your monthly report, you’ll see a list of any theme and plugin updates that have been applied over the month, including the name of the plugins, the version details and the date the update was performed.

Custom Work

Your website care plan includes an allocation of time to spend on the website each month. If you’re on our basic plan this is 1 hour per month, or our advanced plan includes 2 hours of changes per month.

In this part of the report, you will see a breakdown of any custom work performed on the site over the last month. If you’ve provided content updates or changes, we’ll include these here.

If you haven’t provided changes, we’ve got a list of common tasks we’ll look at to improve your website, and we’ll let you know exactly what was done and when.


Note: This section may not be included for all websites, especially if you don’t have comments or reviews enabled on your website, or aren’t using a blog or regularly making content level changes.

In this part of the report, you’ll see details on any database optimisations we’ve performed over the previous month.

We’ll clean up spam comments and post revisions, which can take up space and slow down your site over time.


Although it’s obvious, one of the most important parts of having a website is making sure it’s always online! While you’re on a website care plan, we’ll check your website is online every 5 minutes, 24/7.

If your website goes offline, our team are instantly notified to look at the issue.

In this section of the report, you will see the history on the overall uptime for your website, including the overall uptime percentages for the last 25 hours, 7 days and 30 days.

If there was any downtime over the previous month, you’ll see the details, error code and duration of any downtime listed in the history.


We scan your site daily to check for malware and ensure your site hasn’t been flagged or penalised. We also check your site for any plugin or theme vulnerabilities. In this section of the report you’ll see the results from the last 5 scans run on the website.

Malware = Was any malicious code found on the website?

Vulnerabilities = Are there any known plugin, theme or WordPress core vulnerabilities that are affecting the website?

Web Trust = Has your website been flagged or blacklisted by any authority or security services? Examples of these sites include Google Safe BrowsingNorton Safe Web, McAfee SiteAdvisor, Securi Malware Lab, Bitdefender and several more. These can have a major impact on visibility and customer experience on your site, so it’s important to regularly check your site hasn’t been flagged by one of these services.

In this section of the report, you’ll see an overview of the performance stats for your website, including grading results from two services that check website speed results PageSpeed and YSlow.

You’ll see a chart and history of the results for these performance checks.

Note: Your website’s performance can vary greatly depending on the theme, specific functionality and content of your website. While we will always aim for the best load time and results here as possible, there are limitations on what we can improve based on your website setup.


In the SEO section of the report, you’ll find an overview of the SEO performance of your website based on the keywords we’re currently tracking for your site.

Here is an overview of the terminology used in the SEO section of the report:

  • Keywords: The number of keywords assigned to that website. 20 is the maximum number of keywords per website. If you need more, you’re probably doing something wrong.
  • Top rank: The number of your keywords for which your website is the first Google search result.
  • First page: The number of your keywords for which your website is on the first page of Google search results.
  • Visibility: An overall percentage score of visibility for your website, based on the combined ranking of all tracked keywords.
  • Better: keywords that are ranked better than the previous month.
  • No Change: Keywords that haven’t changed rank in the previous month.
  • Worse: Keywords that have decreased in rank over the previous month.
  • Visibility Change: The percentage increase or decrease from the previous month.
  • Competitors: The number of competitors that are competing with your business on the currently tracked keywords.

Note: SEO is an extremely complicated and competitive area. How your business ranks for a particular keyword can be affected by over 200 different ranking signals. These signals include both onsite siignals (page titles, meta descriptions and tags, content quality, page performance etc) and offsite signals (backlinks and directory listings). Here at Sparx, we focus primarily with onsite SEO, and don’t offer ‘SEO campaigns’ that are focused on mass link building (which Google also doesn’t recommend). For more information about the difference between onsite and offsite SEO, and what our website care plans include, please see here.


Note: This section will only be included in your report if you’re running an WooCommerce based shop on your website.

In the WooCommerce section of your report, you will find an overview of sales data from your WooCommerce store, including monthly totals for the following metrics:

  • Gross sales
  • Net sales
  • Refunded orders
  • Coupons used
  • Shipping charges
You’ll also see a report of the showing the total number of orders for the month, number of items purchases and new customer registrations for your store. This section also includes:
  • Top Sales – Number of sales per product
  • Top Earners – Amount of sales per product
  • Top Categories – Most popular product categories
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