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Your website is the public, online face of your business and brand to the entire world. It is literally the shopfront of the modern age. This is why you should consider carefully whether what you really need right now for the growth of your business is a website refresh.

According to Stanford Web Credibility Research, three-quarters of all consumers admit to judging the credibility of a business based in the design of its website. And first impressions count.

Why Refresh your Website?

Your business’s website, whether you are a large international company or a small sole trader, is your gateway to new leads and more sales. Your website is the single most important tool you have to provide information relating to your products or services, establish your brand identity, and generate leads. Whatever else you incorporate into your marketing strategy, your website needs to be fresh, current, dynamic and optimised both in terms of SEO and also for digital.

Here are some scenarios that demonstrate a need for a website refresh:

  • The site loads slowly – if your site takes more than a couple of seconds to load, half of your potential audience will lose patience and move on. Not to mention Google’s algorithm checks the speed of your website and is calculated in your ranking. A refresh can solve this problem.
  • The site is not mobile-responsive – you need to offer a seamless, streamlined user experience for your site across all devices; otherwise, you will lose a large number of valuable leads and potential customers, as well as your ranking on Google as non-responsive websites are not being penalised.
  • Your branding is stale – your website must reflect your brand identity – from colour schemes to logo, from tone to format to content. If you have rebranded your business, hanged your logo, or now offer new products or services, you need to refresh and rebrand your website.
  • Bounce rate is high – this is an indicator that visitors to your site quickly become bored, don’t like its first impression, or don’t quickly find what they’re seeking. Ideally, you want your bounce rate to be below 40%; the average bounce rate across all websites is 45%. You can improve your bounce rate dramatically with a website refresh.
  • Navigation is complicated – patience is not a virtue for most internet users, and you need to make it fast and easy for them to find what they seek on your site. Your layout should be simple and clean, and what you want your audience to do should be very clear and simple to achieve.
  • Your competitors have recently refreshed – when it comes to your website, “keeping up with the Joneses” is sadly a necessity. Check out what your direct competition is doing online and be guided and inspired to do better.

Tips for a Website Refresh

  • Position yourself as your Client – make your website responsive, appealing to look at, easy to use, and designed for your target audience with information easily accessible. Your website’s focus must be on your customers and clients, not on yourself – so make sure it fulfils their needs and provides solutions for them.
  • Optimise for Mobile – a high percentage of online searches are now undertaken via a mobile device including a smartphone. Your site MUST be optimised for mobile and to work perfectly across a vast array of mobile as well as desktop devices.
  • Optimise for SEO – search engine optimisation and search engine marketing are crucial for maximum online visibility and high search engine ranking, and your approach to these must be targeted. Choose a professional, expert SEO provider to advise you on what your website needs to have incorporated into it to rank highly on search engines and to help it do so with the best industry-standard methods.
  • Incorporate high-value Content – text content is critical for SEO and to educate your audience. Make it compelling, readable, easy to understand but accurate, and support written content with high-quality images, video content, and regular blog offerings.

Your website is among your most effective marketing tools when it is designed well. Industry trends evolve, standards shift, Google algorithms are altered, and personas change. Your website must constantly evolve to meet these challenges and improve the user’s experience, and while you won’t necessarily require a complete website redesign, you most certainly can benefit from a website refresh.

Sparx Digital is an Australian-based dynamic digital marketing agency. Does your website need a refresh for the New Year? We can help! Contact us today by emailing us at hello@sparx.com.au or give us a call for a free chat about your needs on (07) 5475 1911. We’d love to hear from you!

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