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The global events of the past few weeks have been unprecedented, and we are, as a collective, only at the beginning of what will be some challenging weeks and months ahead. The reality is that, as we navigate the COVID 19 crisis, we will all need to make some changes to how we live our daily lives. This extends to how we operate our businesses.

If you are a business owner, we understand this may trigger concern. Our economy is suffering; the Australian dollar has plummeted; some businesses are being forced to temporarily close their doors, or at least limit their operations. 

Some business operators may feel that now is the time to hit pause in their marketing and advertising activities. Let us assure you, marketing can put you in the best position to maximise your business during times of crises and then thrive after.

Marketing During COVID 19 – Your Website’s Importance

Now is the time to harness the power of the internet. Some businesses actually do better in times of crisis. 


  • How much of your business can you conduct online?
  • How can you alter your messaging?
  • Is your business one that is poised to benefit from the changed circumstances? 
  • How are you communicating with your clients? 
  • What are the best marketing strategies to be effective for you right now?

Now, more than ever, your online presence is critical to the future of your business. People across Australia and worldwide will be spending more time than ever online, and to ensure that your business survives – and even thrives – in the aftermath of the COVID 19 crisis, you need to maintain your online presence and maximise on your visibility. 

Keep your digital marketing strategies active. There is a proven reward for businesses that are aggressive with their advertising efforts during a recession. 

  1. Based on a study of 600 businesses during the US recessions in the 1980s, those that maintained their advertising throughout the recession experienced growth of 256% in the aftermath over the others which decreased or eliminated their advertising spending. *
  1. Analysis of 143 companies during the economic downturn of 1974-5, those that advertised during the crisis achieved the highest sales growth and net income throughout and in the years that followed.**

Over the coming months, people will be spending more time on the internet than ever before and purchasing online more than ever. Make sure your own business can cut through the social clutter and be found. Excellent content (both on your website and your social profiles) and strategic digital advertising are crucial to getting your business and brand seen by the right people.


  • Reassure you customers – of your opening hours, your “business as usual” status, your online offerings, your efforts to mitigate the risks of COVID19, and your new (temporary) arrangements to continue providing your product or service at this time.
  • Present your most important message securely and reassuringly.
  • Make sure your website is easy to navigate, functions perfectly and is optimised for mobile.
  • Make customer service your top priority.
  • Tailor your messaging to make more sales.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to your customers’ health.
  • Support working from home as much as you possibly can.
  • Offer credit vouchers for cancelled events, appointments, bookings, etc.
  • Maintain a social presence and provide captivating, reassuring, regular content.

Precedent states that there is a reward for those businesses that maintain and are even aggressive with their marketing efforts in a time of recession. 

Consider too that your competitors will likely not advertise – so you can reap the rewards of getting ahead now. If they do advertise – then you must not allow your business to fall behind.

Now is the time to be alert – but not unduly alarmed. You can mitigate the damage potential to your business by COVID19 by being both calm and clever. 

Sparx Digital – Business as Usual

To ensure that you not only maximise on your sales during the COVID 19 crisis but also flourish when it has passed, harness the power of digital marketing and social media. You can leverage your marketing strategies and  possibly diversify your income to suit this new, temporary, normal.

For us at Sparx, it is business as usual – and we are here to provide the very best to help your business both survive and thrive – through website design and development, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and more. 

While right now is an extremely challenging time, it will pass. Our expert staff are happy to talk to you about your business’s marketing strategies at no charge We are here to help! Feel free to chat with us online.

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